Izô: Kaosu mataha fujôri no kijin

Other name: Izô: Kaosu mataha fujôri no kijin
Film genre: samurai fighter
Year of release: 2004
Director: Miike Takasi, Taketi Sigenori
In roles: Amate Tisato, Endo Kenjiti

Information on the film:

Syogunat lives the last years, but is still capable to punish the enemies. One of them — the hitman by name From. It is on service at the governor of the principality Tosa who has opposed houses Tokugawa. From kills a great number of Samurais of the shogun, but is taken prisoner and dies painful death. During the last instant force of rage transfers From through space and time to modern Tokyo where it appears among city bums.

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Taitei no ken

Other name: Taitei no ken
Film genre: fighter, fantasy, comedy
Year of release: 2007
Director: Tsutsumi Yukihiko
In roles: Endo Kenjiti, Abe Hirosi and others

Information on the film:

Taitei no Ken — this name of the sword shaped from steel of ancient atlant. It belongs to the brave Samurai among which enemies is not only Samurais and the ninjia, but also the most real newcomers from space!
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Kenka karate kyokushinken

Other name: Kenka karate kyokushinken
Film genre: fighter, drama, documentary
Year of release: 1975
Director: Yamaguti Kadzukhiko
In roles: Tib Dziro, Sonni Tib

Information on the film:

The story about life of the founder of modern karate of Oyama. In his life was both difficult love, and death of the unique pupil, and hatred of the won opponents. Kyoto, 1949. In the first vseyaponsky championship on karate provincial Oyama wins. However, protesting against, in his opinion, “soft” sports rules, it throws out a cup and decides to become really the karateka number one.
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Toki o kakeru shojo

Other name: Toki o kakeru shojo
Film genre: fantasy
Year of release: 1997
Director: Kadokava Haruki
In roles: Nakamoto Nana

Information on the film:

What would you make, having found ability to move to the past? Seventeen-year Makoto Konno begins with correction of school estimates and adjustment of «difficult personal relations» … But it becomes clear soon that it needs something bigger, than the power over time to arrange the life and to inhale hope in the future of close friends.
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Other name: Otoshimono
Film genre: horror film
Year of release: 2006
Director: Furusava Takesi
In roles: Savadziri Eric, Vakatsuki Tinatsa

Information on the film:

On the way to school senior pupil Nana becomes the witness of accident in the subway. But it only nightmare beginning. Nana’s sister — Noriko once vanishes. The unique catch — Noriko took away a ghost living at station. The mysterious woman told about it Nan. Soon it becomes clear that it not the unique case of disappearance of people in the subway.
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